Matthew Baker, M.D.

Matthew Baker, M.D.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Charleston, SC-Mount Pleasant

Dr. Baker has been providing premier quality cosmetic surgery since 2005. Combining meticulous surgical technique with an eye for timeless aesthetic beauty and perfection, Dr. Baker has been committed to providing the very best in plastic surgery for his patients. Dr. Baker’s guiding principles of anatomical restoration and aesthetic rejuvenation has allowed him to reveal the underlying natural beauty of each patient with a customized, patient-specific surgical strategy.

Of course, Dr. Baker’s easy-going personality and clear communication style has perfected this process over the years.

Dr. Baker has developed an excellent reputation for corrective cosmetic surgery of the breast and for body contouring after massive weight loss. Dr. Baker has more recently developed a real passion for facial rejuvenation surgery

I truly enjoy the process of getting to know my patient’s goals and desires, and then creating an individualized operative plan with them. My goal is to always achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking results for every patient in the safest and most predictable way. It has always been a privilege and an honor to participate in the patient’s journey and to restore a sense of confidence in my patients. I suppose it was the combination of advanced surgical techniques, cutting-edge innovation and aesthetically beautiful results that I found so inspiring about plastic surgery.

After graduating from the prestigious New College of Florida, Dr. Baker was admitted to the Physician Scientist Program at the University of Miami in South Florida where he obtained both MD and PhD degrees. Upon graduating, Dr. Baker successfully matched in general surgery at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. Dr. Baker first became passionate about plastic surgery in the early 2000’s during his residency training in general surgery. It was there that he saw first-hand how amazing and inspiring plastic and reconstructive surgery can be, especially when restoring both function and beauty.

Drawing on this inspiration, and with encouragement of mentors like Dr. Chris Attinger and Dr. Scott Spear, Dr. Baker decided to apply for residency training in plastic surgery at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. During his residency in plastic surgery Dr. Baker met and worked with Dr. G Patrick Maxwell who became an influential mentor and a close friend. This ultimately led him to complete the aesthetic surgery fellowship with Dr. Maxwell focusing on advanced surgical techniques including surgery to correct unsatisfactory outcomes after cosmetic breast surgery.

An Interview With Dr. Baker

I spent my elementary school years in Bardstown, Kentucky, and Sylvania, Ohio, but I lived in Augusta, Georgia, for my Junior High and High School years.

I attended the University of Miami School of Medicine, where I obtained my MD and PhD from the Department of Microbiology & Immunology. After finishing medical school, I completed the General Surgery residency at Georgetown University Hospital and the Plastic Surgery residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Finally, I completed the Cosmetic Surgery fellowship with Dr. G. Patrick Maxwell in Nashville, Tennessee.

I like to think that I provide exceptional quality results in all areas of breast, body, and facial cosmetic surgery and not just one area in particular. However, I do have special expertise in the area of corrective & revision cosmetic surgery of the breast.

My philosophy at the practice is to always provide the highest quality compassionate care to my patients and to promote a friendly, enjoyable work environment for my staff.

I was inspired to pursue my career in plastic surgery by two brilliant plastic surgeons at Georgetown University Hospital during my General Surgery residency. Dr. Scott L. Spear and Dr. Christopher Attinger first opened my eyes to the amazing world of plastic surgery, and they both encouraged me to consider becoming a plastic surgeon.

I derive great satisfaction from helping patients on their journey to becoming more beautiful and confident. Additionally, I deeply appreciate the aesthetic beauty of human anatomy, and I enjoy the technical aspects of cosmetic surgery.

I think the most important thing is to always remain humble and to work within the boundaries of one’s training and expertise. I also believe it is very important to always put the patient’s best interests above all other considerations.

I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my wife and children. We are all very fond of spending time at the beach, traveling, and trying out new restaurants in the Charleston area.

I have always had an appreciation for aesthetic beauty in art, architecture, and design. So, when I realized how beautiful cosmetic restoration and rejuvenation could be, I knew it was what I wanted to do with my surgical career.

By and large, I have had a relatively unobstructed path in my career. There have been past challenges in the US economy, including ups and downs.

I think the best words to describe me would be attentive, kind, and compassionate.

My greatest and most important mentor was Dr. G. Patrick Maxwell, whose support and generosity as a teacher cannot be measured. I have also benefited from the wisdom and talent of Dr. Timothy Marten and his facial rejuvenation techniques over the years.

I would say that practicing plastic surgery for almost 20 years has transformed me from a somewhat entitled young surgeon to one who is perpetually grateful to all of my patients and colleagues.

Patients choose me as their plastic surgeon because I can explain the pertinent anatomy and the surgical plan in a simple and logical way, instilling confidence in them. I think my natural tendency to listen attentively to my patients and prioritize their goals makes me different and unique.

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