Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions in Charlotte
Frequently Asked Questions
Are You Open On Saturdays?2022-12-08T20:17:38+00:00

We are not currently open on Saturdays. Take a look at our locations page for location specific hours.

What Is Your Consult Fee?2023-02-17T18:56:13+00:00

Our consultation fee is $100 for a virtual and $200 for in person.

Do You Take Insurance?2022-12-20T13:06:43+00:00

We do not accept any insurance.

Do You Offer Financing?2022-12-20T13:05:25+00:00

We offer PatientFi and Care Credit financing with terms as low as 0%. Visit our Financing page for more information.

Who Is The Best Doctor For Me?2022-12-20T13:17:19+00:00

All of our surgeons are board certified or board eligible plastic surgeons and trained The H/K/B Way. No matter which physician you choose at H/K/B you can expect an elevated experience of cosmetic surgery from the moment you walk in the door to your post-operative care check-ups. The H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery team meets every standard of luxury and impeccable care for every patient.

Once I Have My Consultation, How Soon Can I Have Surgery?2022-12-20T13:08:41+00:00

We do our best at H/K/B to accommodate all of our patients and their specific timelines and goals. When scheduling your consultation make sure to notify your patient care coordinator of your timeline and any goals you wish to achieve.

What Should I Avoid Before I Have Injections?2022-12-20T13:13:22+00:00

Any blood thinners are always recommended to avoid.

What Is The Downtime?2022-12-20T13:10:06+00:00

One important thing to remember is every patient recovers from surgery and procedures differently. During your consultation we will address all questions and concerns you may have about recovery to better prepare you.

Who Does Your Injectables?2022-12-20T13:15:56+00:00

Our primary injectors at H/K/B are nurses and nurse practitioners. They each carry a different level of training and certifications but are all trained The H/K/B Way.

Do You Have An Online Store?2022-12-20T20:30:51+00:00

Each H/K/B location has a store specific to the products and services they offer. Please visit our Shop listing page to find the best location for you.

Where Are You Located?2022-12-20T13:14:37+00:00

We have multiple locations to serve you. To find the H/K/B location near you, please visit our Locations page.

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