“I remember when I first walked through your office doors. I had already visited other surgeons before coming to you. I was nervous, anxious, and had so many questions. Your expertise became as clearly evident as your kindness, patience, and sensitivity. You and your staff were so gracious and professional with me; it was never difficult to decide on entrusting you with myself. You and your staff have been so supportive throughout my care! From pre-op to post-op you set the example of what the practice of medicine and patient care should be. I am very pleased and blessed to have found you as my doctor and I am so happy and comfortable with the results of all my surgeries! Your work is absolutely extraordinary!! Thank you, Dr. Hunstad for all your care, smiles, warm hellos! I always look forward to my visits. I look forward to your continued care. For the first time in my life I feel so comfortable with my body! I feel so good about myself!!”