Winter Skin Care Tips: 10 Beauty Tips to Help Combat Dry Skin During Winter

Winter is a beautiful time, but if you aren’t careful, it can be disastrous for your skin. These winter skin care tips will keep your skin looking gorgeous throughout all the holiday stress and snowy weather. Give us a call for personalized skincare advice and assistance. We’re here to help you dazzle from head to toe this winter season and beyond.

Winter Facial Skin Care Tips

With the cooler temperatures winter brings, it is important to keep our body, hair, and skin hydrated and healthy. These helpful tips will have you enjoying glowing skin all season long! For more winter beauty tips and to discover your glowing winter skin, contact H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery + MedSpa

Fight the Dryness

One of the biggest winter skin complaints is dryness. The cold winter air is drier than warm summer air and heaters only make the problem worse. Dry skin can make fine lines look more severe and can be very uncomfortable. This winter fight back against dry skin. You’ll look and feel better from head to toe. How do you avoid dry winter skin? Try these winter skin care tips:
  • Prevent, Don’t Reverse– A little prevention goes a long way toward avoiding dry skin. Moisturize often in the winter, even before your skin starts to feel dry. Once you are dry, irritated, and uncomfortable, it can be very difficult to turn things around.
  • Skip the Hot Showers– As the temperature drops outside it can be tempting to turn up the heat in the shower. Your skin will thank you if you stick to warm, not hot. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils. If your skin turns red, your water is too hot. Limit yourself to one shower or bath each day.
  • Choose Gentle Products– Gentle skin care products are a must, especially in the winter. Harsh soaps and cleansers can dry out and irritate the skin.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE! – Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and plump. A good rule of thumb is half of your body weight in ounces. Also, cut back on alcohol and caffeine which can dehydrate your skin and body.

Protect Your Skin from the Elements – More Winter Skin Care Tips

  • Wear SPF – During the summer we’re all on sun damage high-alert, but come winter, you may not be as diligent with your SPF application. Sunscreen needs to be a year-round habit. A moisturizer with added SPF (at least SPF 15) is good for daily use. If you’re going to go skiing, snowboarding, or sledding, use a separate sunscreen, SPF 30+. The higher elevation in the mountains and the sun reflecting on the snow increases your chances for sun damage.
  • Eat your veggies! Eating a generous portion of fruits and veggies helps boost your immunity and your health by nourishing the body with essential nutrients and vitamins.  You’ll see the result in the appearance of your skin, but your skin will also be more capable of healing itself and maintaining its quality.
  • Sleep on silk sheets to minimize friction and irritation on your skin.  Rough sheets can further irritate the skin when combined with dry weather and cold temperatures.
  • Bathe in a milk bath to experience the nourishment of lactic acid and natural fats.  Your skin will thank you.
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after your shower to lock in moisture.  Showers and soaps can strip the skin of essential hydration, so be sure to hydrate with your favorite moisturizer to lock in protection.
  • Wear appropriate weather gear like gloves, hats and scarfs to protect your delicate skin from the elements, but avoid fabrics like wool that can irritate the skin and cause itching and inflammation.

Rejuvenate… A Little or a Lot?

Winter is prime time for skin rejuvenation. Give your skin a little (or a lot) of TLC this year. An exfoliating facial can help you relax and unwind after the stress of the holidays and improve your skin at the same time. Opt for microneedling to restore collagen levels in your skin and to jumpstart your body’s natural healing response. For more dramatic results, ask about laser skin resurfacing. We have a treatment for every budget and every schedule. Ask us about your options with a complimentary skincare consultation. The weather might be cold, but with these winter skin care tips, your skin will be smokin’ hot. Call us today and discover your best skin this winter, spring, summer, and beyond.

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