Breast Augmentation Surgery: What Size is Right for Me?

Big, small or somewhere in between? The right sized breasts are different for every woman. Personal preference and your anatomy both play an important role in determining the right size for your implants. Which size is right for you? Come see us at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery + MedSpa and discuss your options today.

Desired Look

What do you want to look like after breast augmentation surgery? Some women simply want to rejuvenate their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding while others want to dramatically increase their bust size. Guess what? Both reasons (and many others) are a great reason for breast augmentation. Your desires play one of the most important roles in determining the right size for your implants. Come to your breast augmentation consultation ready to discuss your desires. Bring pictures of breasts you love. Tell us whether you want to be small, medium, or large. Talking openly with your surgeon about your goals and desires for the surgery will help you to achieve a result you’ll love.

Your Body

When it comes to breast augmentation, your results may be limited by your natural anatomy. Some body shapes and sizes cannot accommodate certain types or sizes of implants. Before your surgery you will undergo an extensive physical examination that will help your surgeon determine which implants are possible with your body type. Measurements of your breast size, placement, etc. will be taken. Your surgeon can explain any limitations you may have and offer their recommendations for implants based on your unique anatomy. While there may be some limitations based on body type, most women can look great with most implant sizes. Your profession, your activity level, and many other factors will also play a role in determining the right size of implant.

Potential Problems with Larger Implants

Larger implants aren’t always better (although for some women they are). Larger implants are much more likely to sag than smaller implants, requiring breast lift surgery sooner and more frequently. Large implants are heavy and can cause the same back pain and strain that naturally large breasts can cause. Extremely large implants can stretch your breast tissue out and tend to look unnatural. Surgical complications, including loss of sensation in the nipple, are more common with larger implants. Some women want the look of a large implant and are willing to deal with the potential downsides, but this is a decision you’ll want to make carefully with your surgeon.

Try Before You Buy

One great way to determine the ideally sized breast implant is to use Vectra 3D Imaging. This revolutionary imaging program gives you a sneak peek into your new body before your surgery ever occurs. You can work with your surgeon to craft the ideal sized breast out of the operating room so that your surgeon can create your perfect outcome during surgery. With Vectra 3D Imaging you don’t have to worry about breasts that are too large or too small. This innovate tool will help you to find “just right”. Call us today at 704-659-9000 and schedule your breast augmentation consultation. We’ll help you find the right size for your new breasts.

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