Facelift Myths and Facts

You look in the mirror and the face looking back at you isn’t as young and fresh as you remember. It’s starting to show the signs of aging with loose skin, some sagging, and wrinkles. The solution isn’t a new wrinkle cream. Although the right products can help your skin look its best, surgical intervention is one of the only ways to restore a youthful appearance. If you’re thinking about a facelift, this guide will help you start on your journey to a younger looking you and learn about facelift myths and facts.

Are You Ready for a Facelift?

A facelift is a wonderful rejuvenation option, but it isn’t for everyone. For example, if you’re just starting to see wrinkling, you may be better suited for a less invasive option like a dermal filler, Morpheus skin tightening or Botox treatment. You should wait until you see moderate signs of aging before considering a facelift. 

Patients often ask, “What age should I start considering a facelift?” There is no simple answer. Age is a number, not a definitive timeline for a facelift. Some patients could benefit greatly from a facelift in their 40s while other patients won’t need one for decades. Pay attention to the visible signs of aging, rather than age, to determine when you’re ready for a facelift.

 Some signs that a facelift might be right for you include:

  • You have moderate sagging skin, especially across the lower face and under the chin
  • You have lines around the mouth
  • You have lost definition in the face and jawline
  • Your skin is loose/saggy
  • Your face looks droopy or melted
  • You’ve lost a large amount of weight

Finding the right surgeon

There’s an old joke in the cosmetic surgery world that if someone can tell that you’ve had a facelift, it’s a bad facelift. The goal for any face lifting procedure is a refreshed and rejuvenated look without looking “done”. At H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery + MedSpa, our surgeons are highly skilled and experienced in facial and other plastic surgeries, ensuring a natural-looking result. You’ll look fresh, energetic, and young for your age.

Why choose H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery + MedSpa? Our surgeons are all board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have more than 45 years of combined experience. We perform more than 1,000 surgeries each year, many of which are facelifts. We have the experience you need for a gorgeous end result. You can’t make the facelift decision until you’ve found the right surgeon.

Facing the Misunderstanding

And if there’s one plastic surgery procedure surrounded in misunderstanding, it’s the facelift. There are a lot of myths circulating around about this procedure and many people are just plain confused about what’s truth and what isn’t. Let’s clear up the rumors and shed some light on some common facelift myths. When you know the facts about the procedure you’ll see why more than 133,000 patients in the U.S. chose to have the procedure last year.

Myth #1– Facelifts are Only for Older Patients

Age isn’t a qualification for determining whether or not you’re ready for a facelift. Yes, the skin and muscles on the face loosen as the body ages and a facelift can correct this, but there is no one right age for a facelift. When you start to see the signs of aging, come in and talk with us about your options. In many cases facelifts on younger patients can produce subtle and age defying results.

Myth #2– They Might as Well Call it a “Fake”lift

Surely you’ve seen a few “bad” facelifts, where the results were fake, pulled, or tight looking. These botched procedures fool many into thinking that a facelift is always noticeable when most of the time you’d never know unless the person told you about their surgery. An experienced, board certified plastic surgeon can use a facelift as a tool to make their patients look younger, more vibrant, and energized. You’ll look great, but no one will have to know your facelift secret unless you choose to tell them.

A facelift can transform your appearance often taking 10-15 years off of your look. Think back to your appearance a decade ago… this is similar to what you’ll look like after a facelift. It will rejuvenate everything from your temples down and leave you looking like you’ve been well rested on vacation!

Myth #3– Facelift Recovery Takes Months

There is a recovery period after a facelift, but most patients find themselves back to normal after just one to two weeks, not months. To clear up another facelift myth, a well done facelift has minimal pain. We work with our patients to control any pain and discomfort using medication during the recovery period to ensure a restful and comfortable recovery. You’ll need to keep your head elevated for a couple of days and may experience bruising and swelling which will fade as you heal. Most patients are advised to avoid strenuous activities for about two weeks after surgery.

Also, depending on your starting point and how “aged” your face is, you may be able to opt for a less invasive MACS lift. This procedure takes only 90 minutes and has a recovery time of a week or less with no incision behind the ear. This is a great alternative for patients that want to look younger, but might not yet need a full facelift.

Myth #4– Facelifts are One Size Fits All

Just as no two patients are the same, no two facelifts are the same. We will work with you to create an individualized plan that targets your specific problem areas. For some this means a full facelift, others might benefit from other procedures such as a brow lift or blepharoplasty. Patients with drooping neck skin may receive a procedure known as platysmaplasty which improves the appearance of the neck and tightens and lifts sagging skin in the neck area.

Myth #5– Only Women Get Facelifts

Men and women alike can benefit from the lifting power of a facelift. In 2013 approximately 10% of all facelifts were performed on men and the procedure actually made the top 5 list of male cosmetic procedures.

If you have questions about facelifts, we’ve got answers. Contact us today and schedule a consultation at 704-659-9000. We’ve seen the dramatic benefits that facelifts bring to our patients and want you to enjoy the same age defying results. Come see us today!

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