Body Fat Grafting: Getting Curves Using Your Own Body Fat

Do you have curves in all the wrong places? Sexy curves are created by fat, but those same fat cells in another location can create an unwanted bulge or roll. At H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery we use advanced liposuction and body fat grafting techniques to turn rolls and bulges into sexy curves. Learn more about fat grafting in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC. Pump up the volume of your breasts or buttocks without implants. Fat grafting allows us to move fat from an areas with excess to areas that need a bit more fullness. Shape and contour your body like never before; ask us about fat grafting for the face and body.

Creating Curves with Body Fat Transfer

Most of our patients have extra fat. This unwanted fat is an ideal body shaping material, all we have to do is move it to the right location. We extract excess fat using liposuction. This fat usually comes from one of your trouble spots, like the waist, abdomen, or thighs. This fat is carefully prepped, cleaned, treated, and placed into syringes. The prepared fat is reinjected into the body, providing extra volume and creating beautiful curves.

What Is Body Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a revolutionary procedure that allows us to move and reposition fat. The procedure is two part. First, we extract fat using liposuction. We often extract fat from areas like the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, etc. The fat is cleaned and prepared before injection into the transfer area. Once in place, the transferred fat will establish a blood supply and make a home in its new location. Results are long lasting. From Dr. Bharti: “Fat grafting is a powerful method to add volume and improve contours on different areas of your body. The tissue that is transferred is your own and you can have the secondary benefit of removal of fat from undesirable places.” Fat transfer is often used alone to add volume without the need for implants. We also pair fat grafting with implants. Fat can help soften the edges of implants, ensuring they aren’t seen under the skin. Fat grafting can be performed from head to toe, but the breasts and the buttocks are our two most common treatment areas.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift– Fat grafting to the buttocks can lift, firm, and shape the backside. Fat grafting creates natural looking, subtle contours when used alone, or can pair with implants for a dramatic and full buttocks transformation. Stun in a bikini or revel in double-takes when you wear jeans with a perfectly proportioned and perky backside. Grafted fat feels very similar to firm and toned natural buttocks tissue.
  • Breast Augmentation– Fat grafting can enhance the results of your breast augmentation procedure. We often pair it with implants, using the fat to hide and cover the implant for a more natural looking result. It also helps to provide additional tissue coverage, important for women that have smaller natural breasts or insufficient tissue for a larger size implant. Some women receive fat grafting on its own to add subtle volume to the breasts after pregnancy, weight loss, or breastfeeding. Could fat grafting enhance your breast augmentation?

What Are the Advantages of Body Fat Injections?

Are you thinking about fat injections? Contact us to learn if this procedure is right for you. Fat grafting has many benefits including:
  • No Risk of Rejection– Fat grafting uses your own tissue. There is no risk of rejection.
  • Augment Without Implants– Fat grafting allows us to augment and enhance areas without implants. This is an excellent option for areas where implants are more prone to complications, like the buttocks.
  • Lasting Results– Transferred fat establishes a blood supply and becomes a lasting addition to the treated area. If significant absorption occurs, a secondary procedure may be needed to transfer additional fat. H/K/B uses advanced techniques to maximize fat’s ability to implant and minimizing the need for additional surgical procedures. Results are lasting. Many patients choose fat grafting as a longer-lasting alternative to dermal fillers on the face.
  • Improve Two Areas at Once– Since liposuction is used to harvest the fat for transfer, we can improve two areas at once (the area where the fat is removed and the area where it is placed). For those patients that don’t want to change their body shape with liposuction, we can harvest a minimal amount of fat, just the quantity needed for transfer.
  • Enhance the Face and Body– Fat grafting can be used to add volume to the face or body with excellent results. Popular areas for treatment include the breasts, the buttocks, and the face.

What Is Recovery Like After Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting provides long lasting, beautiful results. The transferred fat will establish in its new location, remaining indefinitely. There is typically some fat loss, especially during the initial days after the procedure, but we use a specialized technique to minimize loss and ensure that a maximum amount of fat “takes.” During recovery you’ll need to take it easy for a few days. It is important to avoid pressure on the area with the newly transferred fat. If you receive fat transfer to the buttocks (Brazilian butt lift), we recommend that patients avoid sitting on your bottom for about two weeks. This gives the fat sufficient time to establish a blood supply and increases the effectiveness of the transfer.


Our board-certified surgeons love answering patient questions. Come in for a consultation and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this transformative procedure.
  • How Long Do Fat Transfer Results Last?- Fat transfer results are long-lasting. Many patients will enjoy lifelong enhancement to the contours in the treated areas. If fat absorption occurs, a follow-up treatment can add additional fat to the area.
  •  What Areas Can You Treat with Fat Grafting?- Fat grafting can treat many areas of the body, but we most commonly use it on the breasts and buttocks.
  • What’s Recovery Like After Fat Transfer?- Adding fat grafting to an implant procedure does not increase recovery timelines. Fat grafting to the buttocks will require a two week recovery period of no sitting or pressure to the area. Tenderness and swelling are common, both in the transfer and fat harvest areas.
  • What Are the Benefits of Fat Grafting?- Fat grafting improves two areas, the area treated and the area where we harvest fat. It also offers a long-lasting, near-permanent result for many patients. Since your own tissues are used, there is no risk of rejection. The biggest benefit of fat transfer is the ability to improve results from other procedures. It creates smoother lines and better contours when paired with buttocks implants or breast augmentation.
  • Why Should I Choose H/K/B for Fat Grafting in Charlotte, NC?- At H/K/B we use a new technique that causes less disruption to fat cells. This means that more fat will implant. This reduces the likelihood of a secondary transfer procedure and leads to a more predictable final result. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are highly experienced performing liposuction and fat grafting.
Use your extra fat to achieve your ideal curves. Enhance the face and body with fat grafting. If you’ve ever wanted to take fat from one area and move it to another, this is the procedure for you. Contact H/K/B to learn more about fat grafting for the breasts and buttocks.

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