Ideal Implant Size: How Can I Determine My Ideal Implant Size?

Are you considering breast augmentation? What size implants will you choose? What are the ideal implant sizes? Many of our patients come to their breast augmentation consultation with an ideal implant size in mind. They tell us that they’d like to be a 38D or a 40C or whichever size they’re dreaming of. Although cup size can give us an idea of what you’re wanting, there are far more effective ways to choose your implant size. Some women dream of very large breasts while others want a smaller, more natural looking implant. When we sit down with patients in a breast augmentation consultation we often find that they have some specific ideas in mind for the size of their breasts after surgery. Here at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery + MedSpa we welcome informed patients that know what they want. We also love helping patients that are undecided about their implant size. Every woman’s body is different and gorgeous breasts come in a variety of sizes. Implant size is a highly personal choice, but we recommend that it isn’t one you make entirely on your own. Your board certified Charlotte plastic surgeon will be able to help you choose an implant size that works with your body so you can love the end result from your breast augmentation. 

Cup Size Isn’t Always the Same

Have you ever found that no two bras fit alike? A 36C from one manufacturer can fit perfectly while the same size bra from another manufacturer can be far too tight or too loose. While there are some general guidelines to bra sizing, it varies quite a bit. Different manufacturers and even different bras can be sized entirely different. Cup size isn’t set in stone. Over the years, bra manufacturers have been known to revise and change their sizes. Today’s 36A might be tomorrow’s 34B. You just never know. Your body plays a big role in changing cup sizes too. Lose a little weight? Your bra size might get smaller. Gain weight? It will likely increase. Pregnancy and breastfeeding factor in as well, as they can change the amount of breast tissue you have.

Implant Size and Cup Size – How Do They Compare?

Many of our patients have long dreamed of having a certain cup size for their breasts. They may come in asking to be a 38 D or a 40 C after surgery. Cup size helps us to have a general idea of the overall look you’re trying to achieve, but don’t expect your breasts to be this specific size after surgery is complete. Cup size isn’t standardized in the lingerie industry. One manufacturer’s 36 C could fit like a 38 D from another company. Additionally breasts with implants are often wider than natural breasts, necessitating certain bra styles or a larger cup size. Rather than worrying about a number, focus on getting breasts that look and feel like you’ve always wanted. The number doesn’t matter, but the way you feel about your new breasts certainly does determine your ideal implant size. When it comes down to it, cup size isn’t the most important factor in choosing ideal implant size. More important than the combination of letters and numbers is how your newly augmented breasts look and feel. Do you want large breasts or smaller ones? Are you looking to make a dramatic change in your bust line or just perk things up a bit? Working closely with your surgeon will help you to get the breasts you’ve always wanted, regardless of the size. Implants aren’t made using standard bra sizing. If you want 40DD breasts, your surgeon doesn’t choose a similarly sized implant. The amount of natural breast tissue you have plays a very important role in determining the final size of your breasts.

Are These Implants Too Big?

We’ll work closely with you to find implants that meet your aesthetic goals and complement your anatomy. Most women have a wide variety of potential implant shapes and sizes available. However, there is the possibility of implants that are too big. Here are some factors to consider.
  • Sufficient Tissue to Cover the Implant- It is important to have sufficient breast tissue to cover and camouflage the implant in the breast. If you have a small amount of natural breast tissue or if you want large implants we may recommend placing them under the pectoral muscle as this can help to cover the implant for a more natural look.
  • Bigger = Heavier– Bigger implants are heavier and are more prone to sagging, malpositioning, and bottoming out. We’ll help you choose a size that is appropriate while minimizing the negative complications of oversize implants.
  • Your Anatomy Matters– An implant that is too large for one woman may be the perfect size for another. The size of your chest wall, the amount of breast tissue you already have, your skin elasticity, and other factors can impact the right implant size for you. We’ll help you determine what implant sizes are a good fit after examining your breasts.
According to Dr. Gaurav Bharti, “Choosing the ideal implant size is a dynamic process that requires time, research, and communication with your surgeon.  Bigger is not always better.  A variety of methods exist to help estimate size including trying implants, vectra 3-D imaging, and tissue based planning.  Make sure your surgeon takes the time to help you pick the optimal size for your body and goals.”

See Your Results Before Surgery

One of the best ways to ensure that you’ll love your new breasts is to see them before surgery. We offer Vectra 3D imaging, a revolutionary way for patients to see their expected results before the procedure. The program carefully scans your breast area and creates a 3D image of your results. This allows patients to work with their surgeon to create their ideal breasts and choose their ideal implant size: small, medium, or large. Large or small, we want you to love your implants. This revolutionary imaging program allows you to see the potential results of your breast augmentation surgery. With breast augmentation this tool is very helpful for determining the best implant for you. You can look at how different sizes, shapes, and types of implants might look after surgery, but before we ever get started, ensuring that you’ll love the results. This technology helps the surgeon see the patient’s vision and makes the two an effective plastic surgery team working together to achieve a beautiful end result that you will receive at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery + MedSpa. Forget about cup size. The only thing that matters after breast augmentation is how you feel about your new breasts. Call us today at 704-659-9000 to schedule your consultation.

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