How Does Social Media Influence Plastic Surgery?

Does social media have an impact on cosmetic surgery? Yes, it most certainly does. Social media plays a big role in our lives and in how we interact with others; it only makes sense that it would also impact things like cosmetic enhancement. Let’s take a quick look at the role social media is playing on cosmetic procedures in 2015. Selfies and Self-Perception You can’t escape the selfie. Posting selfies to your social media pages isn’t just a fun way to show where you’ve been, it is also a constant reminder of how you look. Those selfies help us to remember and to notice those wrinkles around the eyes, that turkey neck and that not-so-bikini-ready body. Many people are inspired to seek cosmetic surgery because they want to look better online. A recent study by RealSelf found that nearly half of their respondents were influenced somewhat by social media in making the decision to have cosmetic surgery. Instagram filters have also launched a cosmetic surgery trend. Some patients use surgery to try and replicate their look using a favorite filter. Rather than bringing in a celebrity shot as an example, some patients use Instagram images of themselves, to show a surgeon a favorite angle. Patients are very aware of what they like in their looks. Sharing the Good News Social media is a place to share your life. Celebrities and others often post pictures of cosmetic procedures, both before and after. People blog about heading in for Botox and Dysport, tweet about their upcoming breast augmentation and post before and after shots on Instagram. Thanks to social media, cosmetic surgery is no longer something to hide. The secret’s out … and that’s a really good thing. Men and women can finally make decisions for their bodies and be proud of the changes they make. Checking Doctor Reputation Social media also has changed the way people shop for surgeons. Online reviews can make or break a doctor. This gives patients a never-before opportunity to hear the bad and the good about each surgeon they’re considering. If you’re willing to do the research, you can find out a lot about your potential cosmetic surgeon thanks to social media. Social media has forever made its mark on cosmetic surgery, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We love that social media helps patients to see and embrace themselves and that it empowers people to make the changes they want in their bodies.

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