Is Fall the Best Season for Major Cosmetic Procedures?

Each season holds unique benefits for patients receiving plastic surgery. In the winter, it is easy to cover bandages and swelling with bulky sweaters. Spring is an ideal time for enhancing curves before summer. Summer means vacation time for many of our patients, making it easier to schedule a downtime intensive procedure. However, if we had to choose one season that is the best for major cosmetic surgery, we may choose fall. Learn why fall is one of our favorite seasons for plastic surgery. Call our office to schedule your fall treatments now!

Sweater Weather- Hide Your Bandages Easily!

After a major cosmetic procedure like a breast lift or liposuction, you may have bruising and bandaging for a few weeks. During the summer, it can be difficult to hide bruising, swelling, and recovery garments under short shorts or tank tops. With cooler temperatures in the fall, you can easily cover-up until you’re fully recovered.

Cooler Temps Mean More Time Indoors

Sun and fresh incisions don’t mix. Sun exposure can cause incisions to permanently darken. We recommend being very careful in the sun until your incisions are fully healed and matured. This is often easier during a season with more indoor time, like fall.

Look Your Best at the Family Get-Together

No one wants a turkey neck at the Thanksgiving table. Schedule your cosmetic treatments for early fall and enjoy a rejuvenated look at Thanksgiving dinner and any upcoming holiday parties.


For our patients with little ones in school, fall is much easier than summer for recovery. With the kids in school, childcare is covered much of the day. Get that mommy makeover and get your body back!

Perfect Recovery Weather

Not too hot and not too cold, weather during the fall is often just right for a comfortable recovery from plastic surgery. Fall means a break from the warm summer temperatures that can make recovery sweaty and hot. Kick back and relax as you heal with a cup of warm apple cider or a delicious pumpkin muffin.

Our Favorite Cosmetic Procedures for Fall

We’re booking consultations for fall and winter plastic surgery treatments now. Call our office to schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons: Dr. Bill Kortesis, or Dr. Gaurav Bharti. Some of our favorite picks for fall include:
  • Liposuction- Discover your best summer body in the fall. With liposuction now you’ll be fully recovered and ready to show off your new curves as soon as the weather warms up again.
  • Breast Surgery- Breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction are all popular procedures during the fall.
  • Facelift- Facelift incisions are difficult to hide from the sun during the spring and summer. We love performing this procedure during the fall and helping patients to look younger for Thanksgiving and holiday parties.
  • Eyelid Lift- Wake up the eyes with an eyelid lift. This procedure is popular all year round, but recovery is often easier during the fall and winter when temperatures cool down and indoor activities are more common.
Any season is a great season for plastic surgery, but if we have to play favorites, fall wins. Come in for your consultation and discover the benefits of fall plastic surgery for yourself.

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