Is Your Body Image Realistic?

What do you love about your body? Is it your full, pouty lips? Your perky breasts? Your toned abs? Working in plastic surgery we see a lot of bodies: young, not as young, male, female, etc. No two are the same. No body is perfect, but every single one is beautiful in its own way.

Some people claim that plastic surgery distorts body image, causing patients to see their bodies in an unfavorable and unrealistic light. In practice we’ve found the opposite to be primarily true. Plastic surgery can help transform body image, boosting confidence and helping patients to feel better about themselves and their bodies.

Why Plastic Surgery?

Let’s take a look at why some of our patients come in for plastic surgery and how surgery helps them to enhance their body image.

  • Fix DefectsPlastic surgeons aren’t just trained in the art of body enhancement. Much of our training is focused on learning to repair, restore, and correct physical defects. Board certified plastic surgeons are experts in correcting physical deformities whether they are present from birth or come as a result of injury or disease. Many of our patients come to see us to correct a physical deformity of some sort including fixing a problem with a breast augmentation, restoring hair loss, or reducing the size of male breasts. Fixing defects can dramatically improve quality of life, not just from a confidence standpoint, but also by freeing patients from the negative physical effects that deformities can cause (pain, difficulty breathing, etc.).
  • Enhance Problem Areas– Other patients may have a particular body area that has always bothered them. Perhaps they are lacking natural breast tissue and looking for breast augmentation or have a nose that is too large or strangely shaped. Plastic surgery allows us to enhance these problem areas. Looks do matter and some problems don’t just cause image issues, they can interfere with other areas of a healthy and happy life. These patients don’t want to be movie star perfect; they just want to correct aesthetic problems that are interfering with their confidence, their ability to establish relationships, or their career.
  • Combat the Signs of Aging– Many of our patients have a fabulous body image and want to keep looking great, even as the years roll by. As the body ages the skin loses its natural elasticity, fat stores reposition, and natural volume is lost. Years of sun exposure finally catch up with you as age spots, sun spots, and other sun damage starts to appear. Facial treatments like IPL and Microdermabrasion as well as injectable dermal fillers can help stem the tide of aging, helping patients to look younger for many years and allowing patients to keep the body confidence they already have. Many of these anti-aging procedures are minimally invasive and don’t even require surgery or lengthy recovery periods.
  • Improve Confidence– They say that confidence is one of the most attractive traits for both men and women. Plastic surgery can boost body image, helping patients to see themselves in a more attractive light. This improved confidence can radiate into other areas of life, improving career success, fostering friendships, and increasing quality of life.

Are You Seeking Plastic Surgery?

Take a quick look in the mirror and see what you love about yourself. Are there areas that you wish you could improve? A realistic body image doesn’t mean you have to love everything. Find what you love and come see us for a little help with the rest. Call us today at 704-659-9000 to schedule your consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons!

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