Maintaining Your Breast Implants: 6 Things You Must Do for After Breast Augmentation Care

You’ve finally gotten the perky, shapely breasts you’ve always wanted. What do you need to do to maintain them? These after breast augmentation care tips will keep your breasts looking their best long after your breast augmentation is complete.

Take Time to Recover

Many of our patients are amazed to learn that breast augmentation usually only requires a few days off from work. The recovery period is minimal, but during this time, observe your surgeon’s instructions carefully. Giving your breasts time to heal and taking special care of them during the initial days and weeks after breast surgery will lead to better long-term results. Gorgeous implants five years from now start the minute you head home from surgery. We’ll provide you with detailed recovery and after breast augmentation care instructions; follow them. Get in touch if you have any questions about your recovery.

Ease Back into Exercise

Although you can return to many activities just a few days after surgery, you’ll need to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise a little longer. As you ease back into your exercise routine after implants (usually about a month post-surgery), you’ll want to take things slowly. Remember … start simply and work up from there. Start with walking and ease yourself into running. The placement of your implants might have some considerations for exercising, although women can typically do anything with implants that they could without them, no matter the placement. Talk with your Charlotte plastic surgeon about what to expect when you resume exercise.

Support, Support, Support

If you’ve got implants, you need a great bra. This helps limit the impact that gravity has on your breasts and prevents premature sagging. Choose bras that fit and give your augmented breasts the support they need. Wear a bra as much as you can (some women even choose to wear a sleep bra at night). A very supportive sports bra is a must when exercising. Choose one that protects the breasts from excessive bouncing and movement.


Do you regularly lotion your breasts? Moisturizing your skin will help it retain its elasticity. Choose a good moisturizer and use it often.

Don’t Skip Your Mammograms

Getting a mammogram might not be the most exciting way to spend a morning, but it is important. Mammograms are considered an effective tool for finding breast cancer in all women, even those with implants. Work out a screening schedule with your doctor and stick to it. Let your imaging center know you have implants when making your appointment (some centers have technicians that are specially trained to work with breast implant patients). Healthy breasts are happy breasts.

Avoid Large Weight Fluctuations

Large changes in your weight can cause the breast tissue to sag. After breast augmentation, try to maintain a steady weight. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help. If you’re planning a future pregnancy, bear in mind that the changes to your body may take their toll on your implants. A breast lift may be needed after significant weight loss (including after pregnancy) to restore your breasts to their former, perky glory. You’ve finally got those gorgeous breasts you’ve always wanted. Maintain them and keep them at their best. Call us today to schedule your Charlotte breast augmentation consultation at 704-659-9000 and browse our breast augmentation before and after photo gallery to see real client results.

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