Meet our newest fellow: Dr. Babis Rammos! We are excited to have him join the H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery + MedSpa team as our 2015-2016 fellow.

What Is a Fellow?

Patients are often confused when they hear the term fellow. Is a fellow a doctor? Are they still in training? Quite simply a fellow is a medical doctor. They have finished medical school and their residency program in their chosen field. If they wanted, they could immediate go on to practice medicine as an attending physician in the general field they studied (like dermatology, pediatrics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, etc.). A fellow has decided to continue their education by entering a more advanced training program in a relevant sub-specialty.

In Dr. Rammos’ case, he’s a fellow in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Our program is one of only 12 fellowship programs nationwide to be endorsed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He’ll be with us for about a year before his fellowship is complete. He then plans on pursuing a career in the aesthetics industry.

Meet Dr. Rammos

Dr. Rammos is excited to work in plastic surgery because he wants to change lives. He explains, “During my training, I was able to witness that aesthetic plastic surgery offers the challenge of not merely changing a patient’s life, but of sustaining their spirit and personality.” He originally chose the plastic surgery specialty because of the great passion that plastic surgeons have for their work. He looks forward to working in an industry that carries so much enthusiasm.

Dr. Rammos is no stranger to medicine. From his early days he remembers being inspired by his father, a notable cardiothoracic surgeon. His older brother is a neurosurgeon.

Welcome Dr. Rammos!