5 Hot Skincare Trends to Avoid Like Fire

Popular doesn’t mean safe or effective. As one of the top aesthetic practices in Charlotte, NC, we keep a close eye on the latest beauty and skincare trends. Occasionally we see trends that are dangerous or damaging to the skin.  Keep reading to learn about some recent trends that have us concerned. If you’re considering a new skincare treatment or want to test out the latest trend, ask us for advice first. 

DIY Skincare Products

We love a good DIY, but when it comes to your skin, do it yourself can lead to some serious complications. When you get the urge to create, paint, sew, or build, but leave formulating skincare products to the experts.  Use caution with DIY skincare products, especially:
  • Facial Scrubs: Homemade scrubs are often too abrasive and may cause the skin to scab, scar, or discolor.
  • Chemical Peels- We love the results a good chemical peel can achieve but trying this at home is a recipe for disaster. Leave the peels to us!
Patients with darker skin tones are at an even greater risk for scarring and discoloration from homemade skincare products. 

Oils Instead of Moisturizer

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a skin moisturizer when you have oil already in your cupboard? We’ve seen the benefits of high-quality skincare and know that a cooking oil won’t substitute for carefully formulated and tested skincare products.  Oils can clog the pores, leading to breakouts. Using oil in place of a commercial moisturizer may also cause you to miss out on important skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants.  What facial oils do people use? Coconut oil is an old standby, but we’ve heard of patients using other oils on the skin too including sweet almond oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, sesame oil, and olive oil.  While we don’t recommend skipping your facial moisturizer for oil, this trend is unlikely to permanently damage the skin. However, we’ve heard reports of patients using oils in place of sunscreen, a harmful trend. While some oils do offer some sun-protective properties, sunscreen provides more robust and consistent protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. 

Topical Essential Oils

Essential oils are very popular right now with many of our patients using them directly on the skin. Some essential oils are skin safe, but others have the potential to seriously damage your skin or impact your health. We’ve seen chemical burns, allergic reactions, and other serious side effects from essential oils. If you’re going to use them, be cautious. Remember, many essential oils aren’t safe for children and pregnant women. 

Online Botox

DIY Botox? Steer clear for sure. Botox is formulated from a powerful toxin. It is safe to use when injected properly, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, this treatment could cause serious complications.  There’s no need for online Botox when you can easily come into H/K/B for your neurotoxin injections. Our injectors are highly experienced and achieve some of the best Botox results in North Carolina.  

Urine Facials 

We’ve heard of many strange skincare treatments, but one of the weirdest is certainly the urine facial. Some people apply urine to the skin, in a similar process to applying a toner. The claims behind this bizarre treatment are tighter skin and less acne. This is one facial we recommend you skip.  Urine is primarily water, offering little benefit to the skin. Many that have tried this treatment found it irritating to the skin, leaving them with rashes and sensitivity. If you’re using urine that is not your own, there is a serious ick factor, along with the potential for disease.  If you’re looking for a facial, we recommend our Hydrafacial, one of our favorite treatments before a big event. You’ll see results in just one treatment.    Before you try the newest big skincare trend, do a little homework and make sure it is safe. If you’re not sure if a treatment is skin healthy, give us a call. Schedule your safe and effective skincare treatments by calling 704-659-9000.

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