Why January Is the Perfect Time to Start a New Skincare Routine


January is a time of new beginnings and if you’re still using the same tired, old skincare routine you’ve been using for years, it is time to make a change. Switch up your skincare and enjoy beautiful radiant skin once again. Beautiful skin starts with proper care at home. Come in and we’ll help you find the right products and treatments for your best skin in 2017.

H/K/B 180 Skincare- Our Signature Line

When it comes to skincare, the right products can make all the difference. If you’ve been using drugstore cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, come see us and discover what a difference quality products can make. We highly recommend the H/K/B 180 Skincare line, our signature line of products. From cleansers to antioxidant creams to serums and more, this line has everything you need for gorgeous, radiant skin. We’ll help you choose the best products for your skin with a customized treatment package or you can choose one of our pre-designed combination packages (Anti-aging, Blemish Free, Radiance, and Smooth Essentials).

Wash, Moisturize, Repeat- What Do I Need to Do for Healthy, Beautiful Skin?

Beautiful skin needs regular care. Follow these steps each day using products designed for your skin type. You can customize this routine to fit your skin’s unique needs. Ask us if you have any questions or need help customizing your skincare routine.

  • Cleanse– Daily cleansing helps to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin. Cleanse at least once a day (too often can irritate the skin), preferably at night.
  • Moisturize– All skin needs a moisturizer, even oily skin. Moisturizers help to protect the skin and keep it from drying out.
  • Sun Protection– Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of aging to your skin. Daily sun protection is a must. We think you’ll love the H/K/B 180 Skincare Every Day Sunscreen SPF 30 with micronized zinc. It is chemical and oil free.
  • Other Essentials– What are your skin struggles? We can recommend products and treatments to address your biggest skin concerns like aging, acne, lines around the eyes, sun damage, and more.

In addition to regular at-home care, come see us on occasion for more advanced skincare treatments. Our MedSpa offers a wide range of facial and body treatments to address your skin’s problem areas and needs. These in-office treatments are an excellent complement to your at-home skin care.

Give your skin a new beginning by changing up your skincare routine. We’ll help you find the right products for your best skin.

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