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Throughout a woman’s life, she will encounter times when she wants to seek cosmetic help. The end of childbearing is one of those times, and dealing with the physical effects of hormonal changes is another. One thing is for sure: If you trust aesthetic medicine to turn back the clock on your appearance, you want to enjoy the benefits of a job well done. Abdominoplasty is a body enhancement procedure more widely known as a tummy tuck. The goal of this surgery is to improve the structure of the abdominal wall and remove any excess skin or stubborn fat. A tummy tuck creates a tighter, smoother abdomen and a striking figure. But what about any scarring after surgery? Is it possible to improve that? Is laser scar removal tummy tuck the solution?

What is a Tummy Tuck?

First things first: What is a tummy tuck, and what are the reasons why you might get one?

The tummy tuck is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries in the country. Basically, it’s a way to eliminate all the stubborn fat and flab that’s situated around your belly, and particularly the extra skin that doesn’t seem to respond to diet and exercise.

During a tummy tuck, your plastic surgeon will remove excess fat and tissue, resulting in a more contoured and shapely appearance. Additionally, the surgeon will repair abdominal muscles that have become weakened or separated. (This is especially helpful for moms, whose abdominal walls are often significantly weakened during pregnancy.) The result is a much flatter, firmer, more aesthetically-pleasing tummy area.

Note that, in some cases, a tummy tuck is combined with liposuction to maximize results, though this is not always necessary. It really just depends on your body and on your aesthetic goals.

What Kind of Scarring Can You Expect from a Tummy Tuck?

There are obviously a lot of benefits to getting a tummy tuck, but there can also be some potential drawbacks. One of the most common concerns is the presence of scarring.

Unfortunately, scarring is inevitable in any type of surgery. That’s certainly true of the tummy tuck, which requires your surgeon to make surgical incisions at the treatment site. The amount of scarring that may occur depends on a few different factors, but ideally, here’s what you should anticipate:

  • For the first month of your recovery, you will probably have a prominent scar, which may be red or brown in color, and can sometimes feel slightly raised or bumpy.
  • Within the first two months, the incision site should be fully healed. However, you will probably still have some long, red or purple scars. They will heal more and more for a few months, but in the meantime, don’t be surprised if they are a bit puffy in their appearance.
  • By the six-month mark, you should notice your scars losing their pigmentation, which means they will become increasingly faded. You may still be able to see some scarring, especially if you look closely, but these scars should be much less obvious.

As for the location of your tummy tuck scar, it will usually be located in your lower abdominal area, situated above your pubis but below the belly button. Most of the time, scars will run horizontally; depending on the type of tummy tuck you choose, you may also have a small vertical scar. Ask your plastic surgeon for additional information about the options available, and the scarring you can expect from each.

Other factors that can impact the visibility of your scarring include genetics, your skin type/melanin, and your own healing capabilities.

Many patients find that their tummy tuck scar is easy to hide underneath their swimsuit bottom or their underwear, though this can vary from patient to patient and some may seek laser scar removal tummy tuck.

Minimizing Your Tummy Tuck Scarring & Laser Scar Removal Tummy Tuck

With all of that said, what are some of the factors that determine the extent of your scarring?

The best way to assure minimal scarring is to choose a surgeon who is not only experienced but also certified. Board-certified plastic surgeons have received the highest levels of training and must adhere to the most stringent ethical standards. They also must remain on the cutting edge of surgical techniques and technology to ensure the best results. Reducing the risk of scarring is vital in cosmetic surgery.

All our surgeons are board-certified. They offer the most advanced health care in aesthetic medicine and deliver fantastic results. Ensuring limited scarring after surgery is only a fraction of what sets them apart from most surgeons in Charlotte, Huntersville, and the entire East Coast.

Laser Treatments for Surgical Scarring: Laser Scar Removal Tummy Tuck

By focusing light therapy on scars to stimulate new skin cell production, our selection of laser treatments can enhance your tummy tuck results and laser scar removal tummy tuck. Patients love them because they are quick, convenient, and highly effective. Although they will not wholly erase scars, they will reduce them enough to make them nearly invisible.

Your body will begin repairing the incision wound after surgery. The scars that remain are a permanent testament to the healing process. Laser treatments remove the outer, damaged layer of skin, smoothing it over to improve both tone and texture. Though it may take multiple sessions, laser therapy can be one of the most effective ways to minimize the visibility of scarring, including tummy tuck scars.

H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to offer laser skin treatment in Charlotte, NC, and in particular laser scar removal for tummy tuck patients. Reach out to us with any questions!

Other Laser Treatment Advantages

We use laser treatments to improve all forms of damaged skin. These include sun damage, acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

If you have been considering laser treatments and would like more information, or you would like to inquire about other tummy tuck in Charlotte NC, surgical or non-surgical procedures we offer, reach out to us today and schedule a consultation. H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery provides a range of non-surgical treatments, including laser therapy; if you have any questions, we invite you to call us today and make an appointment.