3 Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Alternatives in Charlotte

Dreams do come true. If you’re dreaming of a flatter tummy, but don’t want to the hassle or commitment of surgery, come into H/K/B to learn more about our non-surgical tummy tuck alternatives. These treatments smooth, tighten, and tone the tummy, no body cosmetic surgery necessary. For a dramatic abdominal transformation, our tummy tuck reigns supreme, but if you’re hoping to tweak and tighten with minimal downtime and without incisions, our non-surgical options fit the bill. A surgical tummy tuck Charlotte NC provides a complete abdominal transformation. It removes excess skin, slims and sculpts with fat removal, and tightens up core muscles. Our non-surgical treatments often only target one abdominal complaint. Pair these options together to address multiple concerns. Learn more about your options for non-surgical tummy tuck alternatives and types of cosmetic surgery procedures by booking a personalized consultation at H/K/B Charlotte plastic surgeons.

ThermiTight® – Tighten Loose Skin

For loose abdominal skin, few treatments can compare with ThermiTight. This treatment uses the Thermi device to apply thermal energy to the abdominal area. The tissues are gently heated to an optimal temperature and then the area is wrapped in a compression bandaging. The result of treatment is tighter skin with a single treatment. No downtime is needed and most patients resume regular activities the very next day. Is ThermiTight safe? We use a specialized probe to monitor tissue temperatures, ensuring that therapeutic temperatures are reached, but never exceeded. We also use an infrared camera during the treatment to monitor skin temperature. Most patients report that this treatment is painless.

CoolSculpting® – Freeze Fat Away

Excess fat is a common abdominal complaint. It can be easily addressed without surgery using CoolSculpting®. The CoolSculpting® device administers intense cold to your fat cells, freezing and destroying them. CoolSculpting® significantly reduces fat with a single treatment. Many patients experience a fat reduction of about 20%. If additional fat loss is desired, we can perform a second treatment after you’re fully recovered. CoolSculpting® is one of our most popular non-surgical body contouring treatments and has been safely performed on countless patients here at H/K/B. Choose CoolSculpting® Charlotte NC – this tummy tuck alternative if you’re tired of tummy fat and want a sleeker, thinner tummy.

EMSCULPT® – Tone Your Tummy

A tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles to restore a flat tummy. A non-surgical tummy tuck alternative is EMSCULPT, a revolutionary treatment that tightens and tones muscles. EMSCULPT treatment works by inducing muscle contractions, essentially working your muscles out. The contractions EMSCULPT creates are stronger than natural muscle contractions and in one treatment, up to 20,000 muscle contractions are created. You can’t achieve results that compare on your own. EMSCULPT offers effective results and dramatic muscle toning. Recovery is easy for most patients. You’ll feel tender like you do after an intense workout. Symptoms usually resolve in a few days. For a tighter, toned tummy, ask us about EMSCULPT.

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A tummy tuck is so much more than fat removal. Browse tummy tuck before and after photos to see real client results. Which of these non-surgical tummy tuck alternatives will you try? Call to schedule your consultation today.

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