H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery Now Offers RHA Dermal Fillers

For years, dermal fillers have provided a simple, non-surgical way for men and women to minimize wrinkles, smooth over fine lines, and ultimately look younger. And, dermal filler technology just keeps improving. The latest innovation in the field, RHA Dermal Fillers, have just been approved by the FDA… and, H/K/B Cosmetic is proud to be the first practice in Charlotte to offer them.

RHA fillers represent a big leap forward in non-invasive anti-aging techniques, and we’re honored to be one of Charlotte’s exclusive providers. We welcome you to contact us with any specific questions; in the meantime, here’s a quick guide to RHA Dermal Fillers.

What Are RHA Dermal Fillers?

The RHA collection of dermal fillers represents the next generation in filler technology. More specifically, these fillers are FDA-approved to address a previously unmet need: The need for facial injections that can accommodate dynamic facial movement. This cutting-edge technology is currently available at only a handful of cosmetic surgery practices throughout the United States.

 What Sets RHA Dermal Fillers Apart?

One of the big concerns that patients have about fillers is that the final result will look unnatural; in fact, studies suggest that more than half of all filler consumers list this as a major worry.

While previous iterations of fillers have varied in the quality of their results, the biggest problems have always come when the face is in motion. This is when results can appear most unnatural. RHA Dermal Fillers address this. They are designed for resilience and adaptability; they can actually adjust to your aesthetic needs when the face is in motion, or when it is at rest.

The upshot? RHA Dermal Fillers are unparalleled in offering natural, dynamic results, moving with your facial expressions and lasting for up to 15 months. This is the big breakthrough that dermal fillers in charlotte NC consumers have been hoping for.

 Are RHA Dermal Fillers Safe?

With any new cosmetic product, it’s natural to have questions about safety. RHA Dermal Fillers have been used in Europe for more than five years now, and have recently been cleared by the FDA for use here in the U.S.

In total, more than 14 million RHA Dermal Filler applications have been used; and there are 79 approvals for market sale of RHA across the world. The bottom line is that this product has been put through its paces and shown itself to be very safe and effective.

 Are You a Good Candidate for RHA Dermal Fillers?

RHA Dermal Fillers can be an excellent option for patients who want to look and feel younger, and who want to eliminate visible signs of age in a way that looks totally natural, even when the face is in motion. Whether you’re new to fillers or have been waiting for just such a product to come along, we welcome you to contact us today to learn more.

Reach out to H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery whenever you’re ready to chat about RHA Dermal Fillers.

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