Non-Surgical Facelift with Radiofrequency Technology

Looking and feeling younger does not have to involve surgery or other invasive procedures. Non-surgical facelift options can address some common signs of aging and leave your skin tighter, smoother, and healthier with little to no downtime. By stimulating your body to naturally repair the skin itself, you can achieve a younger, more vibrant appearance. To determine the best non-surgical facelift options for you, contact HKB Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation.

What Is a Non-Surgical Facelift?

A non-surgical facelift is just what it sounds like: a facelift that does not require surgery or invasive procedures. Instead, all treatment is performed on the surface of the skin or penetrates deeper levels below the surface using technology such as radiofrequency. These procedures can revitalize your skin and create a more even, toned texture and contour naturally.

What are the Benefits of a Non-Surgical Facelift?

One of the primary reasons that individuals opt for a non-surgical facelift or non-surgical face treatments is because there is little to no downtime. Once the procedure is complete, you can go right back to your normal activities. You may experience some slight redness, bruising, or soreness, but that will resolve on its own in a day or two. Some other benefits include:
  • Treating common signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scars, and skin laxity more quickly.
  • More control over the outcome because treatment is targeted to specific areas; results can be fine-tuned.
  • If you are not fully satisfied, the results will fade after a few months and you can try a different treatment.
  • Changes are subtle so you do not leave looking like you had work done; your skin simply looks healthier, firmer, and refreshed.
  • Can be more cost-effective than surgery, especially if you are unsure about exactly what changes you want to see.
  • Since procedures are non-invasive, they come with minimal safety risks.

How Radiofrequency Technology is Transforming Facial Treatments

Over the years, skincare and facial treatments have continued to improve, empowering women and men to look their best at any age. Microneedling, a popular procedure that stimulates collagen production, has transformed skin rejuvenation and reversing signs of aging by harnessing the power of radiofrequency technology. Waves of energy are safely pulsed into the skin to promote natural healing from the inside out.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling uses incredibly thin needles to create tiny tears in the skin. They are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. However, all of these tiny pricks trigger a reaction from the body to promote healing. You begin shedding the damaged skin and growing a healthy layer of new skin that is full of collagen and elastin. As you age, your skin naturally loses collagen and elastin, which can make it appear more wrinkled and saggy. The new layer of skin has increased volume and elasticity because the body has pumped the cells full of these substances. In turn, this can tighten up areas of loose skin and leave you looking younger.

What is Radiofrequency Microneedling?

The process works the same as traditional microneedling, with the added benefit of radiofrequency (RF) energy. The RF waves penetrate deeper layers of the skin to stimulate even more collagen production and tissue tightening which can expedite the healing process and enhance results.
  • Morpheus8
Another RF microneedling option available is Morpheus8. This procedure also reaches deeper levels of the dermis and stimulates increased collagen production. Not only can Morpheus8 treat wrinkles, sagging skin, and uneven skin texture that are common with aging, it can also be used to improve the appearance of deep lines or creases, age spots, sun damage, acne scars, and enlarged pores. Treatment takes just a few minutes and is concentrated on the areas that concern you the most. To achieve optimal results, two to four treatment sessions may be needed. To minimize any discomfort from the microneedling, a topical anesthetic may be applied before beginning. Because the procedure creates micro-tears in your skin, you may experience some redness and minor swelling or bruising, but you are free to return to work or your normal activities following treatment. No need to take extra time off unless you want to.

Who is a good candidate for RF microneedling?

You may be a good candidate for radiofrequency microneedling as part of a non-surgical facelift if you have minor skin imperfections that you want to improve. This may include:
  • Minor skin laxity around the neck, chin, or jowls (if there is too much loose skin, surgical treatment may be a more effective option).
  • Fine or deep lines or creases.
  • Wrinkles.
  • Age spots.
  • Sun damage.
  • Acne scars.
  • Uneven skin tone or texture.
If you use any acne medications or are pregnant or nursing, you should let your plastic surgeon know ahead of time so they can ensure that you remain safe, and the appropriate treatments are recommended. Non-surgical facelifts can be a great way to be proactive about your skin health and appearance. You can help curb some of the signs of aging without looking “fake” or “overdone.” What you are doing is harnessing the power of your body to naturally heal itself and produce firmer, tighter, glowing, volumized skin. To learn more about the best non-surgical facelift options to support you in achieving your goals, schedule a consultation with the experts at HKB Cosmetic Surgery. We are happy to review each procedure with you and discuss what you can expect in order to create a customized treatment plan aligned with your needs.

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