Winter Plastic Surgery: Which Procedures Are Best?

Brrr… It’s getting chilly. That means it’s time for hot chocolate, snuggling by the fire, and plastic surgery. Winter is prime time for plastic surgery. Although we’re known for creating stunning results January through December at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery + MedSpa, winter makes for an easier recovery for you. Call us today and schedule your consultation. Give winter plastic surgery a try… we think you’ll love it!

Breast Augmentation

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation (or any breast surgery for that matter), the winter is an ideal time to do it. After surgery you’ll wear special surgical garments for several weeks. These can be hard to hide under a tank or low cut top in the summer, but during the winter, covering up is easier. Layers can be your best friend as you cover surgical bras, and camouflage your new shape until your implants settle and soften. Breast augmentation in the winter means gorgeous breasts ready for a bikini reveal when the weather warms up.


After a facelift you’ll need to avoid the sun for several weeks while you heal. Exposing your incisions and new scars to the sun too soon can lead to discoloration and scars that are more visible. Many patients find it easier to spend time indoors during the winter. Another perk of a wintertime facelift? It is much easier to hide incisions when hats and scarves are the normal attire. They say that spring is a time for new beginnings and with a facelift this winter you can look 8-10 years younger come spring.


Gorgeous summer bodies start in the winter. For washboard abs and killer curves come summer, now’s the time to think about liposuction. Winter is a great time for the surgery since bulkier clothing makes it easier to hide swelling and compression garments while you heal. Much of the swelling will be gone in about 6 weeks, but you will have some residual swelling for a few months. Get lipo now to be looking your best by summer. For a minimally invasive body sculpting option, try CoolSculpting. This treatment freezes away fat without incisions or surgery. Results do take time to appear as your body processes and removes the frozen fat, but if you get treatment now, you should see the results well before bikini season. The weather’s cooling down, but with winter plastic surgery your looks can be heating up. Enjoy a more beautiful spring and summer by getting plastic surgery today. Which of these winter-time favorites are on your wish list?

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