Rick Rosen, M.D., FACS

Dr. Rick Rosen, M.D.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Charlotte, NC,– Huntersville & Concord

Choosing a plastic surgeon you can communicate with and feel comfortable with is crucial so that all expectations and needs of each patient are met. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rick Rosen believes that skill, in addition to communication, is what contributes to his outstanding results.

To achieve beautiful, natural results, Dr. Rosen only recommends treatments and techniques he believes are best suited for each patient. Your consultation with Dr. Rosen is more than an evaluation; he is familiarizing himself with your physical needs and aesthetic desire. His goal is always to create balance, attractive proportions, and to help men and women feel confident in their skin. By providing all patients with privacy and respect, Dr. Rosen can develop treatment plans that are uniquely tailored to every person.

Dr. Rick Rosen in a blue suit with his hands together

Dr. Rosen regularly attends national plastic surgery educational symposiums in order to stay fully abreast of the latest advances and techniques in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. He also lectures frequently on many aspects of plastic surgery.

Dr. Rosen is a member of the ZO Skin Health Faculty/Medical Advisory Board. He has also worked closely with Obagi® Skin Health Institutes in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA, to bring his patients the world-renowned skin care system.

An Interview With Dr. Rosen

I grew up in a small town on Long Island called Roslyn.

My General Surgery training was completed at North Shore University Hospital and St. Vincent’s Medical Center. My Plastic Surgery training was with the Long Island Plastic Surgery Group, the largest Plastic Surgery practice in the US. 

My training with the above group encompassed all the procedures. With that large of a practice, we had exposure to all the facets of Plastic Surgery. During my training, I performed more cosmetic procedures than most other training programs.

For me, it is the individual evaluation of each patient’s needs and goals. This helps establish a personalized treatment plan that may incorporate surgical and nonsurgical techniques. Achieving natural results is the most important principle. I compare it to an art restorer reviving old paintings. Refresh them, but leave little signs that you were even there.

A great true story for me. I was on rotation as an intern in the Emergency Room. A teenage girl was dropped at the door of the ER by a guy after a car accident when she went through the windshield. She was wearing a letter jacket from the same high school I went to. The face was unrecognizable. A photo ID showed she was a beautiful girl. The ER called in a Plastic Surgeon at Midnight to repair the injuries. He points at me and asks who I am. He then said ok, you are going to help me. For 2-3 hours, I watched/helped him put the face back together again. It was AMAZING! He put together the puzzle pieces, and it was wonderful to watch and learn. I knew right then I found my calling.

The ability to help people with their concerns, injuries, or medical problems. It is very rewarding to rebuild after an accident or cancer surgery and make someone feel whole again. For cosmetic procedures, it can be life-changing for the person. The thank you from patients after you have achieved the goal is something very, very special.

First, remember what my Chief of General Surgery taught me as an Intern. “The patient is entrusting you with their body, do everything you can to respect that and give all you have to make them better”. Secondly, treat each individual as if they are a member of your familyie your wife, daughter, sister. You would want the best for themand you should achieve the same for your patients. Finally, spend the time to envision the result the patient wants, and what I believe that I can achieve. Make those 2 pictures match, and you will have a happy patient. 

Spending time with my wife of over 36 years and our 3 lovely daughters, and of course our faithful English Golden, Bodie. Golfing, water sports, traveling as a family to wonderful vacations. 

I’ve had competition from a number of Plastic Surgeons where I was previously. Fairfield County, just outside NYC, has the 3rd most populated area of Plastic Surgeons in the country. Due to that, a lot of unsavory advertising tricks to try to succeed. I stayed the old-fashioned course and became Chief of Plastic Surgery in 2 hospitals and let my work speak for itself.

Honest, Caring, Loyal.

In General Surgery, it was my Chief who set me on the right track! During Plastic Surgery training, I was fortunate to have 3 chiefs who were in their early 70s with vast experience, plus 12 other plastic surgeons in the practice who greatly influenced me. They taught me how to do excellent surgery, how to fix others’ less-than-ideal results, and when to say that I may not be able to take something on.

Caring about the feelings of others and how body issues affect each other differently. As almost all of my patients are female, and added to that having 3 daughters and my wife has allowed me to see and interpret things in a way most men do not. I am a much better person for it. 

I believe by spending the time with the patient and ensuring that I will do I all I can to achieve their goals. Treating each person as an individual and a member of my family, and wanting the best for them. 

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