Buttock Lift, Augmentation & Enhancements Gallery
Buttock Lift Surgery Before And After Photos in Charlotte
Buttock Lift, Augmentation & Enhancements Gallery

Gender: Female Age: 26

This 26 year old client wanted to address the volume loss in her buttock. We were able to perform a buttock lift to enhance that area and give her back the volume she was looking for.

Gender: Female Age: 30

This young mom wanted to add more volume to her buttocks and address stubborn body fat.  With Circumferential Liposuction and Buttock Fat Grafting we sculpted her lower back and gave her the beautiful shape she wanted.  Patient also had a Mini-Abdominoplasty w/muscle plication to address skin laxity and muscle diastasis.

Gender: Female Age: 43

43 year old client benefited from Buttock Fat Grafting w/Circumferential Trunk Liposuction to give her posterior more shape and improve her lordotic curve.  Patient also had a Full Abdominoplasty w/muscle plication.   Photos were taken 7 months after surgery.

Gender: Female Age: 32

This 32 year old client didn’t like the shape and volume of her buttock. We were able to give her a new shape and volume by performing a buttock lift with liposuction and an implant.

Gender: Female Age: 41

This 41 year-old client was unhappy with the way her body was proportioned and wanted to give her buttock a more sculpted look. We performed a buttock lift to give her the desired look she was going for.

Gender: Female Age: 41 Patient had a previous buttock lift with another plastic surgeon and wasn’t happy with how flat her buttocks looked. That patient was interested in fat grafting to her buttocks to round out the area more. We preformed a Breast Reduction, Vaser Liposuction on her full back and Buttock Fat Grafting. She now has the confidence and results she was looking for.

Gender: Female Age: 28 The client received liposuction to submental area, full abdomen, upper back, and circumferential arms. She also received fat grafting to the buttocks and is pleased with her results.

Gender: Female Age: 38 This client came to our office with concerns about the indentations of her buttocks. We performed Fat Grafting from her hips rolls, saddlebags, abdomen, and inner thighs with Vaser to achieve the contour that she desired.