EMSCULPT – How Long Does Emsculpt Last?


Imagine going to the gym and doing 20,000 crunches. What would your tummy look like after a workout that intense? It doesn’t matter how fit you are, numbers like that aren’t naturally achievable, but with EMSCULPT results like that are possible. Boost your workout results with a high-intensity EMSCULPT treatment in Charlotte, NC. 

How Long Does EMSCULPT Last

A series of EMSCULPT treatments can create results comparable to several months of diligent effort at the gym. We show our patients the results we’ve achieved using this revolutionary non-surgical body contouring treatment and they understandably have a lot of exciting questions. One of the most common is, “How long will my EMSCULPT results last?” We’re answering this question and many others below. 

How Does EMSCULPT Help Me Achieve a Better Body?

Diet and exercise are the standard advice for improving the body. This advice sounds great on paper, but in practice, it’s a lot more difficult than eating more broccoli and hitting the gym. Our patients are busy, and scheduling in an hour or two at the gym each day can feel impossible. Cookies are hard to turn down. You’ve cut calories and are trying your best, but the results aren’t there. 

EMSCULPT makes up the difference after you’ve given diet and exercise your best effort. It complements the healthy choices you’re making, by giving your efforts extra oomph. With EMSCULPT many patients finally hit the fitness goals they’ve been striving to achieve. 

How does the treatment work? The revolutionary system induces contractions in targeted muscles using a technology called HIFEM, short for high intensity focused electromagnetic technology. These contractions are much stronger and more frequent than the contractions you’ll achieve through exercise alone. Muscles love a good challenge, and as yours are stimulated with EMSCULPT, they’ll rapidly adapt, becoming stronger, larger, and more sculpted. 

Muscle growth is only a portion of the result. Fat reduction is also a benefit of treatment. Less fat means dramatically enhanced results by showcasing your newly sculpted muscles. Prior to EMSCULPT muscle mass is smaller and coated with a camouflaging layer of fat. After the treatment, the muscle is larger and the fat layer smaller, for sculpted results you can see. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Early results are visible shortly after your first treatment. These results will continue to improve as you receive additional non-surgical treatments. We typically recommend a series of four EMSCULPT treatments for best results. 

What Areas Can EMSCULPT Treat?

At H/K/B we offer non-surgical EMSCULPT treatments for the abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. It is the world’s first non-surgical buttocks toning procedure. We recommend this treatment to men and women that want to enhance muscle tone and appearance without surgery. 

What Does Recovery Feel Like?

You’ll know that the treatment is working as soon as you leave our office. Your muscles have worked hard and you’ll feel it. Recovery after EMSCULPT feels very similar to recovery after a difficult workout. 

Downtime isn’t needed and you can resume regular activities immediately. Most patients skip the gym for a day or two, giving their muscles time to recover. 

EMSCULPT Results – What to Expect – How Long Do EMSCULPT Results Last

EMSCULPT results are dramatic. The average patient experiences a 16% gain in muscle mass, along with a significant fat reduction. You’ll see improvement after your first treatment. 

Do the results last? Our patients are experiencing impressive longevity with their results. This treatment boosts muscle size and growth dramatically, but remember muscles need consistent stimulation. If you do your part through regular workouts and exercise, your results will last. If you slack, results will fade. 

When you see your defined and toned muscles, you may find renewed motivation to work harder and become stronger. It’s a lot easier to put in the effort when you see the improvement happening on your body. 

If EMSCULPT sounds like something you want to pursue, call our office at 704-659-9000 to schedule a Emsculpt Charlotte NC consultation. Browse our non-surgical before and after photo gallery to see real client results.

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