Neck Lift Before & After Gallery

Neck Lift Surgery Before And After in Charlotte
Neck Lift Gallery

Gender: Female
Age: 49

This 49 year old patient was concerned she didn’t have any shape to her neck along with her loose skin. After consultation it was determined to do a neck lift to give her the shape she was looking for.

Gender: Female
Age: 40

This 40 year old client wanted to contour her neck and face to release some of the loose skin around her face. We decided the best way to do that for her would be to perform a neck lift.

Gender: Female
Age: 41

This 41 year old client wanted to address the excess skin around her lower face and neck after a weightloss of 85-90 pounds.  With a lower face and neck lift with LSD platysmalplasty we were able to contour the neck and jawline.