PODCAST: Live from Miami – Is Semaglutide Worth It?

Plastic surgeons have never been able to change patients’ lives as dramatically as they can today by combining aesthetic and well-being treatments. Drs. Bharti and Kortesis chat with Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Johnny Franco about the ‘Skinny Shot’ and the best modalities to combine with it to make patients healthy and happy. It’s easy to… Read More »

PODCAST: Who Shouldn’t Have Surgery Under Local Anesthesia?

Some people avoid general anesthesia procedures because they don’t want to commit to the downtime, while others have a fear of not being in control of their own body. If you’re one of these people, the good news is you can have procedures like face and neck lifts, blepharoplasty, and even liposuction under local anesthesia…. Read More »

PODCAST: Live from Miami – Hot Topics from The Aesthetic Meeting

Drs. Kortesis and Bharti share highlights from the recent aesthetic plastic surgery meeting, including the big takeaways from their courses and the answers to some controversial questions from audiences which included some of the premier thinkers in aesthetics. Topics included breast implant fatigue, breast implant illness, avoiding unnecessary surgeries, and the internal bra technique with… Read More »

PODCAST: How to Make Your Results Even Better

Continuing the discussion on how you can affect your results, Drs. Kortesis and Bharti take us through all the things you can do to get the best results possible out of your procedure. Just because you get a facelift doesn’t mean you stop taking care of your skin there. By taking a few simple steps… Read More »

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